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Well established in the printing sector, Ma.Ro has proudly conducted its work since 1984

The company in Castiglione Olona (VA) works in various sectors of merchandise:

  • pharmaceutical
  • para-pharmaceutical
  • food and beverages
  • technical products
  • cosmetics

Operating in the pad printing sector for over 30 years, the company has always been attentive to new technologies and innovations on the printing market. This is in order to provide customers with only the best work.

Occupying an area of 1000 square metres, the company is made up of highly competent and specialized staff members who continually update production processes. With its personnel focused on customer care as well, the company has developed a loyal customer base over time.

Our specializations

The company boasts a specialization in pad printing within the cosmetics sector.

With its specialized machines and its focus on producing the best visual impact of a cosmetic product, the company is highly competitive in this field.

Ma.Ro is able to print on any type of cosmetic product, including:

  • bottles of creams
  • tubes of product
  • mascaras
  • lipsticks

and much more. A print can be made to go all the way around a product at 360 degrees. Whatever the shape of the object in question, Ma.Ro can identify the best way to produce an excellent printed result.

Printing Onto Mascara

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Printing Onto Mascara

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