Leading company in pad printing and screen printing

Founded in 1984, Ma.Ro specializes in pad printing and screen printing at Castiglione Olona, in the province of Varese.

The company prints onto any type of material or shape and onto technical and cosmetic products.

Ma.Ro prints are suited to many types of products, cosmetics in particular. Indeed, the company is able to create and print design motifs for tubes of mascara, bottles of various kinds, pots of cosmetic creams and much more.

The company’s distinguishing feature is certainly its staff. Driven by great professionalism and passion for the sector, the sole objective of the Ma.Ro team is to satisfy its customers.

MA.RO – Pad Printing and Screen Printing


Personalised Quadchromatic Objects

Professional printing onto cosmetic products

In deciding to personalise one’s own brand, a key factor to consider is the aesthetic impact our product will have. 

It is important to create an innovative and adaptive design that transmits something of oneself on to the product, as well as highlighting the brand’s purpose and the philosophy behind it. 

Thanks to innovative machines that adapt to the rounded surfaces of cosmetic cream containers, lipsticks, mascaras, perfumes and much more, Ma.Ro specializes in printing in the cosmetic sector.


Come to Ma.Ro for that vital personal touch!

Screen Printing Varese


Ma.Ro produces UV screen prints for cosmetics in a variety of containers and bottles. The company uses three types of UV two-tone screen printing lines that automatically print onto tubes and their packaging.
Pad Printing Varese

Pad Printing

This Varese company can pad print in one to five colours onto any object. The company also produces quadchromatic effects and prints on diverse surfaces including on completely round items such as doorknobs.

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